Florida Duck Hunts

Florida Duck Hunts

Welcome to Everglades Adventures, your top choice for unforgettable duck hunts in Florida’s beautiful wetlands. For over three decades, we have specialized in providing expertly guided duck hunts, setting the standard for excellence in the region.

A Premier Guide Service

Dedicated to Unforgettable Guided Duck Hunts

Dedicated Guide Service for Exceptional Duck Hunts


Experience and Expertise in Duck Hunting**

Captain Mark Clemons, our founder and a native of South Florida, has been leading hunting expeditions since 1985. With over 45 years of experience in hunting and fishing across South Florida, Captain Clemons’s deep knowledge ensures a rich and successful hunting experience. Our commitment to quality
and customer satisfaction is evident as we serve hundreds of hunters annually, helping them achieve their hunting goals.

Exclusive Access to Prime locations for Duck Hunts

Everglades Adventures proudly offers exclusive access to private wetlands in Hendry County, Florida. These lands are carefully managed and include several hundred acres specifically prepared for waterfowl. Through diligent wildlife management and habitat enhancement, we maintain a thriving duck population, ensuring productive hunts each season.

Optimized Hunting Setups for Maximum Success

Our hunting blinds are perfectly positioned on the dykes around our impoundments to offer the best vantage points for wing shooting. Designed for comfort and effectiveness, these blinds are equipped with chairs and decoys and covered with locally sourced cane for excellent concealment. Accommodating groups of two to four hunters, these blinds allow you to enjoy the hunt with companions while maximizing your chances of success.

Essential Gear for Duck Hunting in South Florida

To ensure you are fully prepared for your duck hunting adventure, please bring
the following items:

– Waders: Essential for navigating the wetlands
– Firearms: Suitable for waterfowl hunting
– Ammo: Adequate supply for multiple rounds
– Personal Equipment: Any additional gear you prefer to use during the hunt

Unforgettable Duck Hunts

Join us for spectacular duck hunting on private lands where many hunters achieve their limits quickly, sometimes in as little as thirty minutes. Our hunting seasons are timed perfectly to offer the best opportunities, starting with an early teal season in late September and extending through the general season from the weekend before Thanksgiving until late January.

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