Grand Slam Turkey Hunts

Grand Slam Turkey Hunts

Grand Slam Turkey hunts consist of harvesting the five (5) major species of Turkeys found in North America.  There is no time limit is achieving this goal.

Grand Slam Turkey Hunts

Osceola (Florida)

The elusive “Osceola” gobbles far less than other wild turkeys and patience is the key. These turkeys are found in a specific region of central southern Florida

Grand Slam Turkey Hunts

Rio Grande (Texas)

The Rio Grande turkeys we have contacts in Texas.

Grand Slam Turkey Hunts

Eastern (Kentucky)

The Eastern, most abundant of the wild turkeys are found in many states, we have contacts in Illinois and Missouri, and Kentucky.

Grand Slam Turkey Hunts

Merriam’s (Nebraska)

The Merriam inhabit terrains from prairies to the Rocky Mountains, Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming.


Gould’s (Old Mexico)

The Gould’s and Oscillated turkeys are found in Old Mexico.

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